IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS if you have selected Duncraig Pickup:

Please ensure you collect your order from
Farmhouse Fresh, 50 Marri Rd, Duncraig WA 6023  Duncraig Shopping Centre

You will receive an automated delivery confirmation email.
This means your order will be delivered to Farmhouse Fresh and not to your home address.

Delivery to Duncraig will be on the date specified in the notification email we will send you upon processing your order, please collect that afternoon or the following day. 

Please note that as we don't use any preservatives in any of our products, for this reason prompt collection is essential and any food which won't be fed to your dog within a few days of it being ready for collection needs to be portioned and frozen to ensure freshness.

Please ensure our email address is not in your spam list to ensure you receive all our correspondence regarding your order.