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pet photographer perth

Ginger & Ivy

We are Jen and Madi, a sister duo from Perth, with a great passion for pets and photography.

Between the two of us we have four dogs, one cat and four birds.

It’s safe to say we love all things animals!
We believe there is no other bond like that of a pet and their owners

and we take great pleasure in combining our creative flair for photography with our passion

to capture the precious moments between our customers and their fur and feathered babies.
No two animals, like no two people have the same personality, so why settle for a generic photoshoot. Madi is a university qualified professional photographer who utilises her talents to snap gorgeous pictures of each pets unique personality with each click of her cameras shutter.
We love meeting new clients and their beautiful pets and would love to hear from you and see how we can help you capture a moment in time with your beloved pet.


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