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Why feed Green Tripe?

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Green Tripe is extremely good for dog's gut health.

Good gut health = a strong Immune System

Green Tripe is an excellent source of GOOD BACTERIA

Probiotics including Lactobacillus Acidophilus:

  • Probiotics help the body deal with skin allergies and yeast infections.

  • Probiotics strengthen and support the Immune System.

Green Tripe is rich in Enzymes:

  • promoting healthy digestion.

  • soothing Gastrointestinal upsets. 

  • Does your dog have stinky frequent gas?

  • Eat its poop?

  • Shed hair excessively?

  • Have bad breath?

  • Can't put on weight?

  • Itchy paws or skin?

  • Suffers from Constipation or Diarrhoea?

...these can be signs of Enzyme Deficiency





Naturally dogs produce limited amounts of Enzymes as in nature when eating biologically natural food they would get the enzymes they need from their food. Cooked and processed food is lacking in enzymes which can lead to Enzyme Deficiency or even Pancreatitis.Old dogs also produce less Enzymes.



More benefits of Green Tripe:

Rich in Nutrients, Amino Acids, Essential Fatty Acids, Protein.

What is Green Tripe?

Green Tripe is the Stomach of a grazing animal.

GREEN tripe is un-scalded and unbleached like the white tripe you find at the supermarkets.

The digestive enzymes and beneficial bacteria are still present

in Green Tripe.


How do I feed Tripe?

Cooking destroys digestive enzymes so Green Tripe should always be added to your dog's meal RAW.

The bad news?

Green Tripe stinks!

. . . but the benefits truly outweigh the smell!

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