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Premium West Australian Human Grade Sourced Duck 80-10-10 Mince

80% Meat, 10% Ground Bone, 10% Organs


Extensive natural health benefits!



NO Preservatives, NO Additives & NO Fillers

100% Natural

100% Duck

100% Australian Duck


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DUCK Prey 80/10/10 Mince

This product contains small minced bone fragments, we recommend only feeding RAW

*We recommend you feed all our products raw for optimum nutrition and digestability and always supervise your pet while they are eating.

FEEDING GUIDE: We recommend feeding 3% of your dog’s ideal body weight. For any further nutitional guidance please contact your pet health professional.

This product contains NO Preservatives & when we say NO Preservatives we mean NO PRESERVATIVES: Once opened this product needs to be portioned into meal sized packs & frozen OR kept refrigerated & used within 2-3 days.

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