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Premium West Australian Beef Brisket Bones


Our Premium Beef Brisket Bones are by far the best all round bone for dogs of all ages right from puppies all the way through to senior dogs


Beef Brisket bones are a soft cartilage bone that is a 100% Natural Dental Chew that is completely edible


Being a soft cartilage bone they are safe for puppies to chew all day long without damaging their teeth whilst keeping them occupied and stimulated


This bone acts as nature's toothbrush by cleaning both teeth and gums leaving your dog with fresh breath

As your dog chews on this bone their teeth will sink in to the soft cartilage removing plaque


We recommend feeding Beef Brisket Bones multiple times a week to dogs of all ages


Contain NO Preservatives, NO Additives & NO Fillers

100% Natural


Available for order in 10kg boxes via our online cart


BONES - Brisket Bone Half Cut

*We recommend never cook a raw bone, we recommend feeding all our products RAW for optimum nutrition and digestability and always supervise your pet while they are eating.

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