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Premium West Australian 100% Kangaroo Paddles prepared by our professional Butchers in small batches and dehydrated inhouse at our Perth Factory producing only the best and freshest gourmet Kangaroo treats for your pampered pooch!




NO Preservatives, NO Additives & NO Fillers

100% Natural

Only ONE ingredient: Kangaroo Paddles


Dehydrated in small batches for optimal quality and freshness.

*Please note this product requires storing in freezer until close to feeding to your pet.


Kangaroo is a nutritious, lean, high protein, Hypoallergenic NATURAL DOG TREAT for dogs.


  • *Important note: THIS BONE TREAT REQUIRES STORING IN FREEZER. Unlike other companies' dehydrated bone treats this product really doesn't contain any preservatives whatsoever including hidden preservative such as salt which can be harmful to your dog's health.

  • We recommend always supervise your pet while they are eating.
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